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Examples Simple House

Posted at August 26, 2016 2:55 by bocamoca in Home Design

At first view when considering the example of a simple house all look easy, especially if we think about the process. Apparently though only a modest home, but to make it as simple as we imagine. At least the steps to prepare the house requires careful calculation, especially the determination of the location and the choice of materials used. This shows that all forms of home, from the most simple to the home to modern and luxurious, all have their own difficulty level, especially in the early stages.
Contoh Model Rumah Sederhana Yang Simpel
Every building in spite of various size and shape generally stand is supported by a variety of structures. The goal, of course, that the building is able to stand strong and shock-resistant. Similarly, simple house, though modest house synonymous with small buildings, but also requires a strong structure that can withstand the weight of all the components of the house. To support the weight on it, the structure must meet the technical requirements so many buildings that can stand firm and perfect.

Simple House foundation

Just like the movie, like the director of a house foundation in the house that has a very important role, although its existence is not visible. The foundation of this house is a house structures its position at the bottom. Functional elements of the house is to distribute the load on the ground. Therefore, to produce a strong foundation, the foundation should ideally be done on a hard ground. The basic structure of the strong must meet the following criteria:

The strong foundation must be made on the ground to a depth of at least 65 cm.

To get the most out of the material must have a foundation stone mixed with cement and sand mixture with a ratio of 1: 4.

Laying the foundation stone for the material to be done if the coating process and anstamping backfill has been installed.

This foundation must be connected to a sloop with a strong hard. How to make the armature between the foundation and haunted by a distance of about 1 meter.

Wall House Simple

In the example of a simple house is most often affected concern is the wall of the house. The majority of homes in the region, including Indonesia, using bricks or concrete blocks for the walls. The bricks are usually stacked and glued together using species. Some walls stood firm, species or mortar used to bond bricks ideally using cement and sand in the ratio 1: 4, while the walls are specifically designed to be waterproof to be used cement and sand in the ratio 1: 2.
Laying Bricks In Wall House Simple

To ensure the strength of the bond brick, columns and beams, each a minimum distance of 50 cm mounted armature about 25 cm with a diameter of about 8 mm steel. Some bricks are strong glue to be pre-installed brick soaked first. This is to ensure that water does not seep species brick on brick in dry conditions. In addition, each of the distance between the bricks should be filled with solid species with a minimum thickness of 1 cm. After the installation process is complete brick next step is to make the plaster on the walls. To get the maximum results showed that the surface of the walls, columns, beams and moistened before plastering process begins. This is to keep the area to be plastered remain in a state of saturation.
Other Important Components Of Home Simple

In addition to the walls of the house are usually also explores other key components, such as frames. For a simple frame houses usually made of wood or metal material. Armature on a wooden frame should be installed and then planted in the field. It is very important that the wooden frame can be ‘fused’ with loud noises other materials.

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Definition Picture House craving

Posted at August 26, 2016 2:55 by bocamoca in Home Design

if we see or imagine images dream house, which will dipikiran you probably are perfection. Perfection of a model home, design, size, and layout of a room full order luxury furniture and classy. Not to mention the outdoor portion surrounded by a garden with a wonderful variety of ornamental plants, complete with a swimming pool as a form of class identity modern home. The question is, whether the definition of a dream home should include all of the above?

Generally, everyone has a different feel to a dwelling / residence. For example there who want a luxury apartment in the city center, on the other hand is actually a lot to crave a simple house in the countryside or on the beach isolated from public facilities. Dream in making a dream home basically think of a suitable building and in accordance with the wishes of the owner of the house and all family members without models, shapes, sizes, and in any location. Broadly speaking residents only votes that could determine the dream home without the involvement of other parties who may be given a different assessment.
Model Rumah Idaman Yang Bagus
Selecting the Ideal Home Ideal Location

Build a dream is a house big enough challenge, especially on the issue of planning and cost to make it happen. But if we are capable of meeting facilities and a description of a model home that we want, precisely this process more enjoyable. Building a dream home we had to find a strategic location before starting the process of planning the overall structure of the house. In this case we have to plan the design of the landscape area by combining the building site so as to create a ‘package’ single, beautiful and comfortable. So basically in addition to the aesthetic beauty of nature, we need to observe the location of other buildings near the house we have planned, whether there is one or several buildings are ‘disturbing’ or not.

In the picture we see the picture of the physical form of the house, a building that looked perfect, but not described in detail on the road or access to the area. Actually the way to the location (home) is an important aspect to consider. For example, how long it takes from the location to the workplace and how the distance necessary to achieve public places such as hospitals, houses of worship, shopping centers, and so on?

Well, the things we often consider trivial above is actually needed to be concerned by us. After all, not every home that we think looks seemed perfect dream home forever, because people have to live with the times, which means that every time there is a change in lifestyle. If our dream house plan is already realized maybe in the future we will find the new design passion or inspiration requires us to explore the old house model to the new model. It is the same with our condition is always growing and moving, as well as the state of the environment around us is constantly changing.

Picture dream home indeed we can make a reference to design a dream home, including the determination of the facilities and the amount of space needed, though perhaps a bit much limited by the location you select. But in this case we have to make sure the amount of space and adjust the number of people who will live in the house. In addition to the facilities bedrooms, each household also indirectly determine the size of the kitchen and dining room. Once again, we have to adjust the size of the room by the population. In conclusion we have to choose from the most detail if we want to model a dream home, because it will make the next step easier.

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Tips to Reduce and Maintain Weight Loss Goes After Married

Posted at August 26, 2016 2:55 by bocamoca in Tips

After getting married usually raised a lot of questions why the body more stretchy. Well, a weight gain is quite drastic it seems, is becoming a common problem and often faced by married couples. Increasingly stretchy body turned out to be caused by hormonal changes that occur after marriage. However, not a few who said that this was because he was unhappy foster home with their loved ones.

Well, if you’re one of the problems with weight after marriage, following Vemale will present some surefire tips to overcome Ladies. Check these out!

Rice is one of the foods that influence weight gain, especially if you do not keep up with the sport. If you could try the brown rice consumption Ladies. You can also mix it with white rice.
Enrich the consumption of foods rich in omega 3 such as salmon, tuna, cashews, olive oil, and many more. These foods will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body.
Avoid eating junk food too often. This will increase blood sugar levels and lower metabolic rate. Junk food contains bad fats which will make your body more fat.
Coffee was also one of the causes of obesity so you know. Drinking too much coffee can make impaired nutrient absorption. It can also affect the body’s hormones.
Never skip breakfast. The breakfast will help recharge the day. You will also be able to control your appetite at lunchtime.

Well, those are some quick tips that you can try every day to prevent a bloated body after getting married Ladies. Good luck ya

How to Negotiate Prices to Sell Home Profitably

Posted at August 26, 2016 2:19 by bocamoca in Home

 – Jual Rumah Kendal – When you are out in the market to sell your home, getting good leads may seem like a tough task. But negotiating the price for the house is a far trickier job and needs to be done carefully. After seeing the house and when your potential buyer shows interest in buying the house, the process of negotiating the price begins. As an owner when you look to sell home profitably on your own, you would have to be doubly careful, as there would be no professional real estate agent to assist you. You have to negotiate directly with the buyer. But if you have got the buyer through an agent, then you would have to negotiate with the agent.

Before beginning the negotiations, you must obtain an inspection certificate. It is advisable to get your home inspected way before putting it up for sale. This way you would get to know about the shortcomings and defects in your house and do all the necessary repair works. When dealing with a buyer directly you can give him a copy of your inspection certificate, but when a real estate agent is involved, be prepared for a separate inspection from the buyer’s side. Often the owner is also asked for a pest control report by the buyer.


The state laws and the Federal law mandate disclosures and material facts about your home. You must provide the buyer with a copy of the disclosures and also obtain his signature of receipt. The most important part of negotiation to sell home profitably is the preparation of a purchase contract. Before working on the contract, do your own research on the real estate market and roughly decide on a price range for your house. You must also accept an earnest money deposit.

You can help the buyer in preparing the contract if he does not have an agent. If you feel it would be difficult for you to find another home as soon as this house is sold, you may ask the buyer for a contingency offer with respect to finding your replacement home. On the contrary, the buyer may ask you for a contingency offer which if handled properly can be used to your advantage later on. When going through the buyers offer, if you find it unacceptable, you can very much present your counter offer.

Price Minimalist TV table, cheap, Durability and Quality

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5piecediningset .Prices TV table minimalist, low-cost, durable, and quality can be one of the references of interest to you who are looking for a TV table for living room. TV table is one of the necessary furniture in the living room or family room to put the TV.

It is true that without the TV table, you would have to put the confusion to fit your television to be seen and seen. Because of this, which is why looking for the price of a TV table becomes important for you to know. Prices of table vary from one another depending on the materials used in manufacturing, as well as the process of manufacture.

TV shelf and Books

Price Minimalist TV table, cheap, Durability and Quality
Price minimalist TV table made of wood of course will vary with the price of desk made of steel or other materials. In fact, for a price between the models to other models with the same material will also be different. For example, a TV table made of wood carved to be different from the TV table plain design.

Besides the distinguishing design, materials made of wood is also noteworthy. Albasia wood and teak wood will also vary and determine the price of the TV table. TV simple table sold from a price range of 1 million to 3 million. Model of the TV table with prices so equipped with several drawers that can be used to store books or other objects.

Additionally, carving and adorning Lacquerware make a TV table look more beautiful and attractive. The form is minimalist and compact making the living room will not seem crowded or full when you already have a lot of other furniture in the room. The color is very elegant, there are white, black, and brown.

What are you waiting for? Do not wait any longer to complete your living room with the TV table unique . Do not let your TV put in place that do not fit so uncomfortable when you watch it. A few of the price of the TV table is cheap, durable, attractive, and also minimalistic may be a reference for you.

If you are planning to buy desks for the beloved baby, you should already know the price variation desks and specifications so that you do not miscast or deceived.

This article will provide information about the price and specifications of children’s learning table.

Price table Children Study Wood Unique Minimalist and Modern
The rise was the inspiration kind of cartoon characters such as a desk made, frozen, naruto, hellokity and various other characters. This is certainly a case which sought the mother to be able to hypnotize their children to enjoy learning. Similarly, the type of character offered, the price of wood children’s learning table is also quite varied. Depending on the type of wood and the size of the table.

Usually the price of children’s learning table of characters made of plain wood with a medium to large size ranges from Rp 700,000 to Rp 900,000 with 4 specification bookcase on the table, a small closet at the top and as well as a small closet at the bottom. While the study table minimalist children small characters priced at around Rp 400,000 to the specification 2 shelves top and one cupboard at the bottom.

Material and size is that the basis of the price difference of children’s learning table. Table made of solid wood will be far more expensive than the price of teak table for solid wood are relatively more durable or durable. In addition to its good quality, the existence of solid wood making it difficult to look too expensive. That said, the desks are made of solid wood, mahogany and can be priced over $ 2 million.

After knowing the price of a desk study the character, you should also know the price of children’s learning table made of wood with no character. Desks usual small size of around 80 x 40 x 120cm usually priced at around Rp 300,000 to the specification length over 5 bookshelf, small cabinets and shelves with a width being at the bottom.

How to avoid black while swimming

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Swimming is a sport that is very popular. This sport is effectively involved nearly 90% of the muscles in the body to move, and that’s what makes the calories burned along with fat can be effectively and quickly. Swimming is a type of exercise most recommended for those who want to have a high body because the muscles and joints of bones “forced” hard so that the volume and length increases.

Exercise is also very effective for weight loss.
But unfortunately, swimming can lead to skin blackened, especially if you do so in an open or outdoor. Actually, there are several ways that the skin is not black when swimming, so we can still get the benefits without having to feel the negative effects. How we can do is;

Hasil gambar untuk tips berenang pantai agar tidak hitam

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Swimsuits overalls. Many -piece sold in the shop sports apparel; This type of clothing will block sunlight and chemicals from the water to direct contact with the skin.
After swimming is advisable to shower with warm water and soap to remove residual chlorine is embedded in the skin.

Expand eat fruits, vegetables and drink water to prevent dehydration and maintain healthy skin.
How to keep skin was not black when swimming lastly, do not forget to do skin care routine, whether it’s with a mask or scrub.

What it permits POM? How can it be?
You can see an example of a product that has permission POM. Take a good look permission. Please click here: www.YashodaraCream.com .

Skin Care for Your Hobby Pool

In addition to providing an adverse effect on the hair , the chlorine contained in the pool also can make your skin dry and itchy. In the more severe stages, the skin will experience cracked when you unconsciously scratch.
For women, the poor condition of the skin is a thing to be feared. Not surprisingly, many women do not even want to take risks. They did not choose swimming as your favorite sports. However, if they know how to avoid the bad effects of chlorine on the skin, you can swim without worry.

Drinking enough water before swimming is considered effective to avoid dehydration as the effects of chlorine are exposed directly on your skin. Abundant supply of water in the body can be seen from how the color of your urine. Light yellow color is normal. Whiter, the better. If it is more concentrated, you mean dehydrated.
Additionally, quoted Swimming, there are some tips to help avoid chlorine bad for the skin for you who like swimming.

surface of the skin is the most sensitive. Wash it off with clean water after your swim will shed chlorine on the skin effectively. In a short time, your skin re-hydrated.
Wash your bathing suit
not only the skin is cleaned, the clothes you wear to swim well should be washed so that the chlorine did not stick in clothing materials. Using a swimsuit that they contain chlorine can result in skin rashes.

Give special lotion
Some parts of the body prone to friction due to extreme movements you do while swimming mandatory lotion applied specifically to neutralize chlorine in the skin. If you want to rub all over the exposed body parts are also not prohibited. Make sure the lotion does not make you allergic to.

How to Make Lumpia Leather Good and True

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Spring rolls were soggy and the spring rolls are fried is a very popular snack, the second is the same just different only in the spring roll processing becomes mature. Now we will discuss this time is the spring roll skin. Spring roll skin is important in making spring rolls itself, all the people will judge a spring roll of skin, different as books do not look at the book from its cover disconnected.

Therefore, when you look at the spring rolls wrapped in soft leather will surely make you taste more and more intrigued. Different when you see her spring rolls with leather wrapping the broken or cracked everywhere after being fried.

How to Make Lumpia Leather Good and True

As the main ingredient used to make spring roll skin is flour mixed with water and a little salt and eggs. Well the main conditions for making spring roll skin to be in get good results is on the way of kneading the dough or how to knead in the Java language must be absolutely perfect, but it is with the addition of other ingredients to make a spring roll skin becomes crispy, savory and steady.

Based on the opinion of many, a good skin is skin that is thin, crisp, smooth, crisp and definitely its tasteful and does not break when fried and definitely taste too bad. But of course everyone has their own individual tastes in making spring roll skin, nothing like thin, but some are like thick. For those of you who like a thin skin of dough apply once on a frying pan, the result will be a more pliant when it is cold. For those who like a thick batter apply many times during frying, the results will be lebaih durable in terms of its crispness.

For the storage method also affects the crispness and too salty from spring rolls. If the spring rolls should be consumed immediately put on a piece of banana leaf and cover the top with banana leaves as well, this will also create a more attractive aroma of spring rolls. If will be stored for long periods should be inserted into a plastic bag to keep the remains crisp.

Well for those of you foodies that many ask how to make skin Lumpai good, here I will share her recipe hopefully recipe I want to share is in accordance with the results you expect, and the recipe immediately consider just How To Make Skin Lumpia The Good and Right are the following this.

How to Make Lumpia Leather Good and True

Ingredients :
200 grams of wheat flour (available in various brands)
1 teaspoon salt
200 ml air
150 ml egg (egg whites only download)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil (for spreads)
How to Make Lumpia Leather Good and True:

Enter and mixing them flour with the salt in a container and stir until blended. Next enter the egg whites and stir back by hand until smooth and pour water sedeikit by little while continuing diuleni. do kneading until the water runs out and continue kneading after the water run for 15 minutes, then let stand the dough for 40 minutes.

Prepare a nonstick skillet and heat by using a low heat, basting with the pan with a little oil. Use pastry brush width, dip into the batter and then apply to the skillet until blended.
Fried dough to the edges of the dough flaky, then lift and place it on a banana leaf to keep from being sticky, do until the dough runs out.

Tips and tricks for the spring roll skin can not be separated when fried:
Egg whites can be used, how to mix the egg whites with 1 tablespoon of water and shake until blended. Apply a mixture of egg white with a brush along the outer spring roll skin to be glued, then press gently.
Let stand for 15 minutes to allow the glue is stronger. When frying try flipping only once spring roll skin if the bottom had turned yellowish.

Well so was how to make spring roll skins and tips for spring roll skin can not be separated when fried. The above ingredients are used to make approximately 32 sheets spring roll skin. Good luck and be creative.

Steps Involved To Get the Best Apartment Interiors

Posted at August 25, 2016 2:26 by bocamoca in Home Design

Are you planning of constructing a house and wondering how you can get the best interior for your apartment? Here are the steps that you should follow:

Steps to follow

Your journey to getting the best apartment interior should start with your search for the best architect in your area. You should ask your friends and relatives for recommendations of the best architects that you know of. After getting the recommendations you should interview them and only consider working with the best.


Some of the factors that you should consider when selecting the right candidate include:

Knowledge of diverse design styles: who likes a one hit wonder? While your house should fit in your design of your neighborhood, this doesn’t mean that it has to be a carbon copy of your neighbor’s house. For ideal results you should go with a designer with diverse knowledge of techniques, styles, and aesthetics.

Creativity: in addition to drawing a plan for your house the interior designer should also be creative in order to come up with unique designs that will give your house an elegant design.

Updated: just like everything else in the world design styles change. If you want to have the latest style, you should go for a designer who is updated of the latest design trends.

Once the designer has drawn your plan and got it approved, you should go ahead and hire a contractor. You should regularly visit the construction site to ensure that everything is done according to plan. If you feel that you need to customize a given area of the apartment you shouldn’t be afraid to do so; you should simply talk to the architect.

Features of good interior design

For your house to be said to have good interior design it should have a number of features such as:

Harmony: this means that the colors and furniture that you use in the house should complement each other. For example, if you have painted your bedroom white, you should go with blue bedcovers.

Coziness: who wants to live in a cramped room? You should do all the right things to create an illusion of space in your house.


These are the steps that you should follow for you to get the best apartment interior. You should remember to be very careful when hiring an architect. Always take your time before hiring so that you only hire the best. –Arsitek Interior

A Slice of Heaven in Southern India

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Teak Root Furniture -Some people just love their life’s vocation!

Baby Mathew Vallikappen does! Together with his wife Rani, Baby owns Vanilla County Plantation a charming home stay at the foot hills of Vagamon at Teekoy, Kerala, India. Kerala is a state in the south-west of India.

During a recent visit to India I have the good fortune to stay at Vanilla County and am lucky enough to be the recipient of Baby and Rani’s gracious hospitality. What is of particular interest to me is Baby’s ‘back to nature’ vision for his spice and rubber plantation. I am keen to learn more about his eco project.

Baby is the youngest of six sons and, as such, he inherited his father’s home (Vanilla County). Here he grows vanilla, rubber, coffee, black peppercorns, jackfruit, (all of which he sells commercially), as well as cocoa beans, nutmeg, tapioca, yams, cardamon, mace, vegetables such as eggplant, turmeric, bananas, papaya, cinnamon, screwpine, cashew nuts, betel nuts, ginger, coconut and cloves ( which he keeps for his own use).

These crops are grown on the very extensive grounds that surround his homestead and also on a plantation of 25 acres which is further up the road. On this acreage he grows 600 rubber trees which are interspersed with teak, mahogany, jackfruit, wildjack, banana and coconut trees. He tells us that he could make a lot more money by solely growing rubber trees but he chooses to grow a variety of trees and spices in true eco style as he cares about nature. He tells us that this way he does not have to use pesticides as the companion plants he grows deter the pests and squirrels from attacking the rubber trees and the spices. His plantation is totally organic. Cow dung is used for fertilizer and he grows lantana to attract butterflies.

Wildjack is used for making houseboats, teak and mahogany are valuable woods used to make furniture, and even rubber trees (after 20 years of rubber production) are used to make hardwood furniture.

Baby shows us the rubber being tapped. One side of the tree is tapped over a period of 10 years, and then the other side is tapped for 10 years. Ten trees give one kilo of rubber milk per day or one sheet. However, straight after the monsoon season output increases to one kilo per day from one tree. The waste products of the rubber gathering process are used to make rubber bands. The rubber milk is mixed with formic acid and rolled into squares that look exactly like white rubber bath mats. These mats are hung to dry on a clothes line and the next day are smoked in his rubber smoking house. I rather liked them when they were white bath mats but at the end of the smoking process they look like they are squares of… yep, tyres!

He used to raise poultry but discovered what I already knew – that hens, in their never ending search for yummy worms and bugs, destroyed the roots of the vanilla plants. My hens have gobbled up everything that I have ever tried to grow. The vanilla has to be hand pollinated as there is no natural pollinator in India. In Mexico, where vanilla originates, it is pollinated by a humming bird. I suppose we could say that this is one of the effects of taking something that flourishes in one land to another… but the story also draws attention to how little things like the fate of a humming bird, can be of paramount importance to the continuation of a species of plant (in this case, vanilla). I suppose it is lucky that the plants can be hand pollinated.

Baby shows us a precarious-looking ladder which the pepper gatherer uses to collect the peppers as the vine twists around very tall trees. He shows us the peppercorns drying on sheets of paper.

Baby tells that Vanilla County is a haven for bird watchers. Birds that can be seen here are the Eurasian Golden Oriole, the Red Vented Bulbul, the Rufous Treepie and the White Throated Kingfisher.

When they have time, Baby and Rani unwind by swimming in natural pools created by mountain streams. Would it be possible to find anything more heavenly?

Baby and Rani have supplemented their income by turning their delightful plantation into a home stay and Rani uses her own spices in the food she cooks. She made us two great curries (fish and beef) and some wonderful fluffy parotta bread.

I just wish we could have stayed longer! But I certainly recommend Vanilla County to anyone who loves nature and really – who would not want to swim in a rock pool, nap in a garden hammock or eat home cooked Indian food? Believe me, this homestead is as close to heaven as you will get!

If only there were more farmers like Baby. In these days when crops are sprayed with dangerous chemicals and seeds are genetically modified, Baby’s plantation is a wonderful example of traditional farming techniques.

Reclaimed Wood Tables Are Economical and Long-Lasting

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Place Reclaimed Wood Furniture inside and Create a Wonderland

Reclaimed wood furniture has already become very much popular, because of the great benefits the users get. Presently, these furniture pieces with which one can create an amiable ambiance inside the interior areas are unavoidable interior decoration pieces. A reclaimed wood table is one among the group; you can place it anywhere in your residence, including the living room and make the area eye-catching. The main points of attraction that prompts the modern-day consumers to buy them are the novelty, the antique appearance, and the inexpensive nature of the item. You can easily pick enough models that will give added allure to your indoor areas from the websites of leading online traders.

However, you must confirm the quality the old timer used for the creation of the item, before buying the same. In some websites, there will not be any serious descriptions, which you wish to read. In such cases, you must contact the seller and must ask for supplementary data.

Reclaimed Wood Table – Advantages

These model tables have become very much popular, because of certain pragmatic facts.

Make the Place Eye-catching:

If you can find a proper place for placing this table, the space concerned will certainly become gripping. You will be able to phase in a typical antediluvian shade within (which is of course, attractive), even if all other items are modern. Contrasting styles will appear fascinating and this arrangement will impart an interesting distinctive feature.

Long Service:

Intrinsically, people are always after sustainable products; they always wish to gain long service from the products they purchase. The furniture created using fresh wood is likely to suffer damages easily, because of lack of the required ripeness. Reclaimed wood table items will last long, because of the use of seasoned wood in the creation of the same. The timber that is taken out from old items such as obsolete barrels, barns, fencing posts, storehouses, boxcars, etc., are made use of for fashioning out these tables. As the lumber has withstood the roughness of time, you can expect long service from them. In effect, this means that you will not have to spend money for table replacements for quite a long time.


Moreover, becoming environment-friendly is the demand of the age. There is a glut of artificially and imperfectly prepared various products in the present-day world, and this creates environmental pollution, thus making life dreadful. As far as tables are concerned, you can find a lot of plastic tables, and people use them because of the easy availability and the low price. You can get rid of your plastic or such unnaturally created tables by using reclaimed wood tables.


The easy on the pocket nature is another tempting factor, which encourages customers to buy this item. Even if your set budget for the furniture procurement is small, you will be able to purchase reclaimed wood tables. There are various models available, and certainly, you can customize your order.


When you use recycled wood, then that means you are indirectly protecting our planet, and obviously, you will feel mentally satisfied. As there will not be any need for new wood, there will be no more unnecessary and unethical chopping of trees. – Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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